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National 'Make Your Dream Come True Day' may sound unrealistic. Its a real thing! If you dream Servatii Pastry, Celebrate with us!

JANFun at Work

National 'Fun at Work Day' is supposed to be, well- Fun! Bring in a coffeecake, or a dozen donuts for the office! Start the fun right!

JANChocolate Cake

'National Chocolate Cake Day!' Everyone knows that Servatii Cake-Chocolate, White, Red Velvet, or Yellow is the best!

About Servatii Pastry Shop

Wilhelm Gottenbusch, a German immigrant, came to the United States after traveling around the world on an international freighter. In 1963, Wilhelm opened his first bakery on Observatory Avenue in Hyde Park. In a one man shop, with a bakery in the back, he made a name for himself by focusing on one thing- quality. Focusing on the quality of his products, Wilhelm and his sons have expanded and grown over the last 50 years.

Wilhelm brought the traditions of his father and grandfather over from Muenster, Germany. His grandfather, George, started out driving a horse drawn wagon door to door selling his fresh baked goods. Wilhelm’s father, George, attended Germany’s most recognizable baking school and received his “Konditor Meister” status – Master Pastry Chef. His father opened Café Servatii, on Servatii Platz, in the heart of Muenster, Germany. Wilhelm followed in his father’s footsteps by earning his “Master Baker” status and starting his own business in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Wilhelm’s sons Gary and Greg have both apprenticed in Germany earning their journeyman status –Greg in pastry and Gary in baking. Gary continued in his father and grandfather’s footsteps by earning his Master Baker certification in 2001. In turn, the Gottenbusch’s have acquired some of the most talented bakers, decorators and pastry chefs in America. All together they work to uphold the values set forth by Wilhelm Gottenbusch 50 years ago.

“My brother Greg and I have an enormous sense of pride, joy and commitment. Carrying on the Legacy and principles that my father began this business with are still as important today as they were 50 years ago” -Gary Gottenbusch.

Recent News

Holiday Season

Servatii Pastry Shop and Deli is delighted to be a part of your special holiday gatherings. We appriciate your business and hope you enjoy our wonderful seasonal treats. Thank you again for your patronage and 'Enjoy the Best!'.

Court Street Closed

Servatii Court Street is closed until further notice. Please visit us on Fountain Square or in the Scripps Building Downtown.


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